About Us

About Us

We are a multi media agency, that pursue to deliver a personally tailored , passionate & progressive service to each and every individual and industry progressing them beyond their wildest dreams

Our team

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Aidan Ingrato.

MARKETING director

This striving individual directs nothing but progress and motivation to empower not only our team but also to tackle mountains head on nothing is impossible when he is making progress.

Caiphus Suto.

Cinematographer, Editor.

This extremely skilled individual is not only a pro at using his camera but will also shock you with his Creative directions and innovative editing strategies.

Lebo Mathopa.

Managing director

This young and talented individual is not only self motivated but positively driven in his everyday life to provide you with the ultimate progressive service guide.

Roberta Ingrato.


This women is our team spear head and dives head on into dealing with clientele relation and support to provide services and nothing but progress to your everyday.


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