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The Website is a central hub of information for Cricket South Africa (CSA) and an essential part of its brand. This is the most important digital tool for marketing its product, which in this case is the game of cricket.

Project requirements.

Cricket South Africa (“CSA”) would like to invite suitably qualified Website Developers & Management firms to submit proposal for the provision of Website Development and Management Services for a period of two (2) years. Interested bidders should have at least 5 years company proven records on the Development, Maintenance and Support of Websites. It would be an added advantage if a bidder has developed and managed websites from medium to large scale businesses.   
Media & Communications and IT department will regularly assess the performance of the appointed service provider according to the performance criteria.

CSA is an affiliate of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) and a full member of the International Cricket Council (ICC). CSA is the national governing body for the sport of cricket in South Africa and administers all aspects of South African cricket, men and women, both in the professional and amateur spheres.
CSA business is conducted on a non-profit basis with the intent and purpose that its capital and income, from whatever sources, shall be applied solely towards the promotion of its objective and the advancement of cricket in South Africa contributing towards the sustainability and growth of cricket in the regions of its respective Members. CSA currently has 12 Affiliate Members and 4 Ancillary Members.
Cricket South Africa (NPC) – Plans to appoint a suitable service provider to provide website development and management services.

The Website is a central hub of information for Cricket South Africa (CSA) and an essential part of its brand. This is the most important digital tool for marketing its product, which in this case is the game of cricket. CSA therefore seeks to appoint a service provider for Development, Maintenance and Support of its Website Development and Management Services. The Website currently comprises of a set of modular applications that are provided, accessed and maintained through a single customized platform.
CSA’s needs have significantly evolved over the years, requiring specific module customization and updates. This has led to a well-designed suite of integrated products that aid CSA’s management in:

• Meeting customer needs and reporting;

• Sharing useful information with our fans and other cricket stakeholders;

• Sharing information with the media;

• Providing a professional, managed online presence comprising of a Website, Microsites and Social Media accounts;
RFP – Website Development and Management Services: CSA/05/2020/21 3

• Making external communication, data and documents available to relative stakeholders through a secure Website

The successful service provider shall be responsible for:

Detailed specification:

• A team that has a strong passion and understanding of cricket;

• CMS (Content Management System) based website;

• In conjunction with the other digital media properties, the website must align itself with the corporate identity across the organization;

• The product must be appealing, informative and relevant;

• Interactive features and user-friendliness;

• It must help enhance the brand and deliver a good visitor experience;

• With the integration of feeds, a match centre should form part of the development;

• Work with third parties to incorporate social media elements (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) into the site;

• Day-to-day management of the site including establishing a system where editorial, video and photography are constantly updated.

• a translation service option must be incorporated in line with South Africa’s diverse population
Provide the following IT software services:

• The development, maintenance and management of CSA’s Website.

• Bidder to state the programming languages and the database to be used. Respond to all Web services incidents and requests submitted by CSA as follows:

• 24HR support call center due to the nature of travel, home and away games, time zones Provision of Reports as follow:

•Agency analytics and Business BI; Information Security Requirements are as follow:

• Tight security on the system has to be ensured through proper login details verification, keeping the records of access and actions auditable; and also, ensure non-repudiation of access thereof;

• Integrity, ensure the information is always accurate and precise (data approval); Other critical services are as follow:

• Ownership of data used remain with CSA and cannot be shared for any purpose unless formal approval is granted by CSA;

• Ownership of IT infrastructure remain with the Service Provider.

• The site will be hosted by CSA hosting partner.

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