Elon Musk agreed to ‘do Clubhouse with Kanye West’

Elon Musk on Wednesday 10 February said he agreed to “do a Clubhouse” interview with Kanye West on the popular exclusive app. This after he interviewed the head and co-founder of online broker app Robinhood.


At the time of publishing, the tweet had been up for five minutes and already accumulated more than 30 000 likes and 4 000 retweets.

“Just agree to do Clubhouse with @kanyewest”.

The comments began streaming in; one netizen wanted to know if Musk and West would “announce a 2024 presidential run”, while another added that “he can run for president but can’t be a politician.

Elon is ineligible for that office.— The_Wanderer (@TheWand36470391) February 10, 2021

That would be a disaster – stick with what you’re good at— DetectiveBorat (@BoratDetective) February 10, 2021


Back in January, Musk interviewed Vlad Tenev, co-founder of online broker app Robinhood. They talked about SpaceX’s ambitions for the colonisation of Mars, as well as cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence.

Musk also offered Tenev the opportunity to respond to his detractors after the GameStop Saga. At the time, Robin Hood received criticism for limiting GameStop shares on the app.

“Spill the beans, man. What happened last week? Why can’t people buy the GameStop shares [on the Robinhood app]? People demand an answer and want to know the details and the truth”.


Regardless of how you feel about the man, Musk clearly knows what he is doing and just exactly how far he influence reaches. Spoiler alert: further than just his 45 million Twitter followers.

Back in January, Musk, became the richest man in the world thanks to a Tesla stock market boom. He is seen by many as a visionary and it’s evident from his actions the past few weeks that a single word can sway investors.

That said, Musk’s online presence has caused him some drama in the past as well. He butted heads with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which accused him in 2018 of misleading Tesla investors with a single tweet.


Users can follow other users or topics of interest, as well as joining themed “clubs”. They then have access to a selection of chat rooms focusing on different topics, many of which are highly tuned to the zeitgeist.

Rooms come in all sizes. Some have just a few people chatting informally. Others might contain hundreds or even thousands of people listening to a panel of experts, perhaps a politician, a celebrity or a business leader.

The others in the room are visible and you can bring up their profiles, complete with a list of whom they follow. The Clubhouse algorithm takes all this into account when offering content choices.

If you want to say something, raise your hand, and the room owner can give you speaking privileges. You can even applaud a speaker by rapidly clicking the mute/unmute button. (via The Conversation)

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