South African Elon Musk Is The Richest Person In The World—Again

Tesla billionaire Elon Musk is the richest person in the world once again, overtaking Jeff Bezos as shares of Amazon fell on Thursday.

Amazon’s stock fell 1.2%, lowering Bezos’ net worth by $2 billion, to $182.8 billion. Shares of electric-vehicle maker Tesla, on the other hand, lost 1.1% on Thursday, pushing Musk’s net worth down by $1.8 billion. 

Musk is now worth $182.9 billion, which again makes him the wealthiest person on the planet, according to Forbes’ estimates. The Tesla chief is now just less than $1 billion richer than Bezos, who falls to second-richest person in the world.

The two billionaires have spent much of the last week competing for the title of wealthiest person on the planet. Musk took the number one spot from Bezos last Friday and again on TuesdayForbes calculates. 

Both billionaires are over $30 billion richer than the world’s third-wealthiest person, LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault, who is worth $149.4 billion, Forbes estimates.

Musk’s net worth has grown at an astonishing rate over the last year, raising more than $150 billion since March 2020, when he was worth $24.6 billion. Bezos’ fortune has also continued to grow, though not as fast: He’s up from $113 billion in March 2020.

– Article by Sergei Klebnikov


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