Top 5 Video Editing Services Used by Professional Video Editors

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Written content and photo images are an old notion now. Attractive videos with sound effects and filters catch the viewer’s attention in just a couple of seconds. Almost 50 percent of marketers now use videos to deliver their message to the public.

Here is the list of five best video editing software used by the professional video editor.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is known as the Guru of video editing. It is the most used cross-platform video editing tool. While most of the software provides the multi-cam feature, this software is a step ahead of them, as it handles an unlimited amount of angles. One of the most stands out features of Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the use of the Lumetri Color Panel that enables impressive color adjustment.

Integration of Adobe with Photoshop and After Effects provides a rich ecosystem to the video editors. It has a user-friendly, and flexible interface with a huge number of organizational tools. Even by providing all these features, the speed of Premiere Pro CC is dazzling.

Nero Platinum.

Nero Platinum offers a huge number of programs, effects, and features all in one software. With Nero, you can create, unify, renovate, burn, manage, and playback every kind of media. It can be a photo, music, or video to edit. Even a noob can feel like a professional while working on this software, as it has a simple interface with lots of functionality. Lots of new movie design templates and disc menu templates are available in this software, which can accompany the videos made from your mobile phone. It can burn any kind of video, no matter if it is a DVD, Blu-ray, or AVCHD format. Harmonious with 4K video, Nero offers compact file format provisions.

Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate.

If we talk about fast speed, extra features, and a platform that supports 360 video editing, then pinnacle studio 21 ultimate is the answer. This software not only provides professional features like 360, and 4K video editing, but also VR video effects, multi-cam editing, and much more. The feature of editing, burning, and trimming of a 360 video ensures that the viewer gets the actual experience that you want. Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate offers all of the features of Pinnacle Studio 21, along with some extra marvelous features, which are globally used and appreciated. Color grading, an HD work experience, as well as image blurring effect in a video to hide something or someone’s face throughout the video.

Apple Final Cut Pro.

Apple Final Cut Pro is a software made specifically for Mac users. The interface of this software is complex enough to scare any amateur, but it has super functionality. It provides fast speed, libraries for videos, auto-analysis of scenes, and many grading effects. Although, it does not support all kinds of videos one can use a third-party plug-in for this purpose. This software is widely valued by all Mac users.

Movavi Video Editor.

Movavi has made it a lot easier to edit a video. It can trim, cut, and rotate a video up to the user’s choice. Besides these simple functions, Movavi offers some professional features too such as filters, special effects, color grading, adjustment, etc. This software is being used worldwide because of its easy to use interface, and skillfully effective features. This software supports all the video formats and even enhances the video quality of every kind of video added in it.

However, online editors like this one aren’t nearly as full-bodied as software installed on your computer. But they do have various benefits, like the capability to access and edit your assignments from any internet-connected computer. And they can authorize collaboration with other editors. It could be a good video editing solution if you like working in the cloud, but it certainly is no substitute for the granular control and raw power offered by the software-based editing products we reviewed.

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