Types of Marketing. Part 5/6 – [2020 Update]

What is database marketing? If the challenge of direct marketing is reaching consumers on a personal level, the answer can, at least, partially be found in database marketing. Thanks to the internet and the massive amount consumer data collected from it, it is easier than ever for a marketer to create personalized, automated messaging for consumers.

By collecting information about consumer preferences, database marketers are able to send targeted messages to consumers at each step of the buying process. Their messages can essentially “follow” their audience throughout their normal online activity.

What does it look like? Say you’ve had your eye on a new coat from your favorite online retailer. You add it to your virtual cart but after some deliberation, you decide you’ll pass on it for now. The next day you notice an ad for that exact coat pop up in your Facebook© newsfeed. Then you check your email and, coincidentally, that exact coat is on sale! This is database marketing at its finest.

Where can I learn more? Neil Patel & Ritika Puri’s Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation provides a fantastic walkthrough of marketing automation and database marketing principles.

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