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Top 5 Video Editing Services Used by Professional Video Editors

Written content and photo images are an old notion now. Attractive videos with sound effects and filters catch the viewer’s attention in just a couple of seconds. Almost 50 percent of marketers now use videos to deliver their message to the public. Here is the list of five best video editing software used by the professional video editor. Adobe Premiere Pro CC Adobe Premiere Pro CC is known as the Guru of video editing. It Read more…

Avatar: The Last Airbender’ is on Netflix now, and it still stands up as one of the best animated TV series.

To this day, no animated series — and arguably, few television series in general — have managed to achieve the lasting impact of Nickelodeon’s “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” The series, which initially ran from 2005 to 2008, is a masterclass in animation, character development, and complex storytelling. Moreover, it still resonates with audiences today, coming to Netflix in full on May 15, much to the joy of the series’ fans. —carla (@carla_pgb) May 12, 2020 Read more…

The importance of a 3D logo.

⚠️When customers look at the 3D logo, it will catch their attention, as such logos create an impression of depth. Illustration experts also feel that 3D logos can keep a person engaged for a longer period of time. Prospective buyers would be more interested to look at such logos. #brandingtips #brand #design #LetsMakeProgress #marketingtips #benoni #sandton


Ways Brands Should Reinvent Their Digital Marketing Strategy.

1. Go Digital  With people spending much more time on social media platforms than ever before, brands need to shift focus to their digital operations and look for effective ways to connect, interact, and transact with their audience. McCurry says that several brands and large brick-and-mortar retailers are now looking to strengthen their digital presence to sustain operations, be it by leveraging e-commerce or offering special incentives. 2. Be Compassionate  Now is the time when we must do Read more…

How to Design Stunning Podcast Cover Art That Stands Out in Apple Podcasts (iTunes).

Make sure it works in Apple Podcasts. While Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other podcast directories are a great way to reach new listeners, Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes) is the largest and most popular directory. It is critical that your podcast is listed in Apple Podcasts and that your artwork meets their specifications. Excerpts from iTunes Feed and Image Requirements: [Cover art must be] a minimum size of 1400 x 1400 pixels and a maximum size of 3000 Read more…

Join The Action SAFTAs14 Awards.

SAFTAs invite you to stream the announcement of the winners live hosted by the fabulous @dineoranaka at 20:00 PM (+2GMT), as the announcement of the 2020 winners of the much loved Golden Horn. Stay tuned in. Grab your beverages and popcorn. It’s going to be an awesome experience. Go to Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube page for all the action. #LoveSATalent #SAFTAs14

Why Do We Celebrate Freedom Day in South Africa?

Freedom Day is a day of respect and commemoration. Celebrated on the 27th of April each year, Freedom Day honors the anniversary of South Africa’s first non-racial election of 1994 and pays homage to the country’s liberation from Apartheid rule, where the minority exercised prejudice political power over the majority of the country. The History of Freedom Day Freedom Day is celebrated annually on the 27th of April in honor of the auspicious day in Read more…

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